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Membership Fees


The purpose of this statement is to establish a policy for the payment of membership fees by our corporation's member agencies.

Southwestern Illinois Law Enforcement Commission, Mobile Team Unit #14 is organized as a not-for-profit corporation and is governed by the Board of Directors in accordance with our By-laws.


The Board of Directors is responsible for the overall operation of the corporation.

The Illinois Administrative Code, Chapter V, Section 1740, provides administrative rules for the collection and budgeting of hard match fees collected by the MTU.


The Board President shall be responsible for implementing the provisions of this policy.


I. DEFINITION: Southwestern Illinois Law Enforcement Commission, Mobile Team Unit #14 (SILEC-MTU #14) is a "Not for Profit Corporation", established and operated by police chiefs, sheriffs, and elected officials of local units of government in southwestern Illinois, pursuant to the Intergovernmental Law Enforcement Officers In-Service Training Act (Public Act 83-20). SILEC-MTU #14, Inc. has been designated as Mobile Team Unit 14 by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training Standards Board for their Statewide System of In-Service Training Program (ASSIST).

A. Membership Fees: The amount and schedule of subscriber fees to be paid by each member department shall be set by the Board of Directors. Effective July 1, 2013, for FY 14, the Member department subscriber fees will be $100.00 for each full time/part time officer and telecommunicators to be included.

A. Departments who are not members of Southwestern Illinois Law Enforcement Commission, Mobile Team Unit #14 may still participate in SILEC-MTU #14’s sponsored training programs. Attendance at such programs is restricted to a space available status and is subject to payment of a tuition fee.

B. Waiving of Tuition Fees: The Board of Directors reserves the right to waive payment of tuition fees for any department or any individual for any period of time.


Sheriff Robert Hertz, President
Southwestern Illinois Law Enforcement Commission

Chief Nick Gailius, Chairman
ASSIST #14 Advisory Board

Approved at the SILEC/ASSIST Joint Meeting on 11/19/14

Membership Fee Policy