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CANCELLED-40 Hr. Lead Homicide Investigator

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Date: Monday, January 31, 2022
Ends On: Friday, February 04, 2022
Time: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Wood River Police Department
550 Madison Ave.
Wood River, IL 62095
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Instructor: • Lou Tessmann, CFI - Lou has conducted thousands of interviews and interrogations and has obtained over 80 homicide confessions during his 25-year career.
• (Ret.) First Assistant States Attorney at Lake County Jeff Pavletic - Jeff’s 20 years of extensive trial experience includes over 150 jury trials with a concentration in prosecution of homicides and violent crimes.
• Carol Gudbrandsen – Cyber Crimes Analyst – Forensic Evidence
Class Limit: 39
This course covers the types of techniques necessary to manage investigations of death and homicide cases from initial crime scene examination through autopsy, suspect interviews and successful prosecution. The program includes an in-depth review of a diverse combination of homicide cases, and provides strategic tactics in the apprehension and prosecution of the offender(s). This seminar provides the investigator with the tools necessary to conduct death and homicide investigations. Using actual investigations, participants work through cases from the moment of arrival until its conclusion. This program offers tips, techniques and methods to successfully close cases. Discussion topics include talking about the mental state of a suspect and how it impacts the solvability of a homicide, the differences between how homicides were previously investigated and solved, versus today's investigations and how technological advances have expedited this process. The course will feature interactive lecture and discussions of actual case histories, videos, statutes and laws specific to the state(s) represented by the seminar participants.

MANDATES: Civil Rights, Cultural Competency, Lead Homicide Investigator, Procedural Justice, Constitutional Use of Authority, Human Rights & Law Updates