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2 Hour Gracie Survival Tactics

  • This event meets the criteria for specific mandated training
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Date: Friday, July 26, 2024
Time: 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM
2119 Pontoon Road
Granite City, IL 62040
Instructor: Jeffrey Hartsoe, Deputy Sheriff Madison County Sheriff's Dept.
Class Limit: 25
- Officers MUST attend all four courses to receive official credit.
- Sessions missed can be made up at future dates.
- All physical abilities are welcome and encouraged, but must be healthy enough for violent encounters.
- MUST be well groomed. Finger and toenails trimmed; body clean. Students will not have footwear on during this course.
- Mouth guard is optional but encouraged.
- Shirt: NO Gi rash guard, or compression shirt, or dry-fit shirt, or an acceptable athletic shirt.
- Pants: Gi pants, fight shorts with or without spatz, tactical pants that are in good condition, patrol pants, or an approved athletic pant.
If you have any questions regarding this information,
please email Jeff Hartsoe at

This block of instruction will teach techniques and principles of Gracie Survival Tactics Level 1 and will concentrate upon the development of personal defensive and offensive skills including a review on prior taught techniques such as the Trap and Roll Escape, Mount Control, Americana Arm Lock, Twisting Arm Handcuffing procedure. New techniques will include Clinch Control/Distance Management/Body Fold Takedown and Taking the Back. All techniques will be performed while keeping a firm understanding of the principles of De-Escalation, Effective Control, and Arrest of a Combative Subject on the ground.
Instructional Note: Each technique will utilize groups of two or three participants. Each topic will be introduced and instructed according to the Gracie Slide Presentation Formula; Introduction, Demonstrations, Drill Orders, and Release Reminders. Implement correction strategies as needed.
Student Performance Objectives:
  1. Recognize and employ circumstances and techniques which influence strategy in effecting an arrest.
  2. Review previously covered techniques and introduce new techniques for demonstration/proficiency and understanding in the following areas:
  1. Escape Bottom Control (Trap and Roll Escape)
  2. Positional Control (Mount)
  3. Understand the 100 second rule
  4. Recognize and understand the concept of physical de-escalation
  5. Identify and employ proper procedure to control arm for leverage and safe transition to handcuffing using the Americana Arm Lock
  6. Identify and employ proper procedure to safely and effectively secure subject in handcuffs using the Twisting Arm Handcuffing Procedure
  1. Standard Variation
  2. Americana Variation
  1. Clinch Control & Distance Management
  2. Body Fold Takedown
  3. Taking The Back
  4. Hidden Arm Technique (if time allows)